Squeeka and the Quack

Writings from the beautiful land of France, Italy.

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Fan fiction from various fandoms written by Squeeka and the Quack.

Squeeka, also known as keeper_of_stars or Goosey, is a jack of all trades. Dancer, writer, jewelry maker, Weezer fan, and Mello Yello consumer extraordinaire, she's dedicated to everything she does.

After seeing The Kids in the Hall on tour, she helped create the KITH fanbook, which was sent to the comedians. After falling in love with the pilot of Glee, Goosey traveled to a meet and greet where she showed them that ducks don't just have feathers; they have braids with Glee buttons as well. On a smaller scale, Squeeka has shown how big a fan she is by co-modding wilson_fest, sorkin_fest, and glee_fest.

Her current goals include marrying Rivers, preparing for next year's Halloween, and beating The Quack at a Hatchling Fest.

Quack, also known as lieueitak, is a creature of comfort. She has never wanted to be anything other than a writer. Except for maybe a crazy cat lady. She wouldn't mind being one of those either.

In between trying to find an agent and attempting to sell her screenplay, Quack likes to get drunk, put a lampshade on her head, and prepare for the zombie apocalypse. She also occasionally participates in fandom... typically by ranting. When the uppers and LSD cocktails work, however, she also co-mods wilson_fest, sorkin_fest, and glee_fest.

Her current goals include selling her screenplay, continuing her Hatchling Fest winning streak, and learning how to mess around with HTML without declaring war accidentally on Vanuatu.
squeeka's fic

Since this community was created, Squeeka has dabbled in many different fandoms. House, Heroes, Glee, Twilight, and Pushing Daisies are just a few of the universes she's tackled over the years.

Whether she's writing Sylar's first kill or Ned and Olive's first kiss though, one thing remains absolutely consistent in Squeeka's writing, and that is her commitment to the canon she's dabbling with. Her works may not always end happily; in fact, as a lover of angst, they rarely end with everything tied up in a neat bow. However, the knowledge she has about the characters, the way she reveals things about them, make her fics just as satisfactory.

At the moment, she ships Sansa and Sandor harder than a shot duck hits pavement. She also likes Wilson/Cuddy, Sookie/Eric, Sookie/Sam, Ned/Olive, and House/Quack. Okay, maybe not that last one...
quack's fic

For her part, in the years since this community was created, Quack has stuck in the same fandoms for the most part: House and CSI: Miami. Every now and then, she'll dabble in another realm like original CSI, The West Wing, or Alias, but it's not for very long.

Perhaps this is due to her knack for writing epically long pieces in the House and Miami universes. Either way, when you read something she writes, you know you're in for the long haul. Like Squeeka, her work is rarely simple and even more rarely a quick read. What Quack hopes is that by the time you're finished reading, you've gone through an entire journey with the character that leaves you satisfied and maybe just a little unsettled.

At the moment, she ships House/Cuddy and Horatio/Yelina hard. However, Quack also has an eye for CJ/Danny, Don/Rachel, Joan/Roger, and Gemma/Tara. She hopes to explore all of these ships and more in the future.

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